Marketing Strategies for Beauty Industry Professionals

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Is your business exactly where you want it to be?

If you are not charging a premium on your services and working with only your ideal clientele, i’d say it isn’t.

Gaining great clientele requires a solid marketing plan and strong customer serivce.

The Beauty In Marketing was created to help empower beauty industry business owners and help them to market their businesses, gain new clients, and build awesome Brands. 

Hey there,

I’m Alex, a digital marketing expert here to help women business owners dominate their industry!

I have worked with businesses ranging from small time hairstylists to billion dollar corporations helping them market their businesses and create memorable brands.  I have learned a lot along the way and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

My goal is to I help small business owners turn their brand into a household name.


Marketing is essential to any successful business, why is yours any different.

Get access to a ton of marketing resources any beauty pro can master!  Take a look at what’s available


Advanced Marketing strategies broken down into simple to follow steps created specifically for the beauty industry. 

I give everything I learned getting my marketing degree, working in corporate and marketing for beauty industry pros just like you!

HOW-TO Guides

Need more? We got you covered! The site is full of free resources that range from pro to beginner.

Take a look at the how-to guides section for a ton of free resources to help jump-start your marketing efforts.  So what are you waiting for, your new clients are waiting!

the BLOG

Not to brag but, our marketing blog has some amazing free tips to get your marketing on the next level.

Learn how to build your social media presence, get better client photos, and build a killer brand.

Looking for marketing tips? This is the place to go.



Alex has taught me so much about marketing and growing my business. I started out with no background and after working with her, I feel confident in my marketing skills and strategies. Not only has Alex helped my business grow, but she has given me the knowledge to be able to continue growing my business on my own.



Are you sick of marketing advice that leaves you with no action items

Fluffy advice like “build your followers” and “be yourself” really does nothing for your bottom line.


Are you a pro at what you do?

Do you have the all the skills in place to provide amazing service to your clients but don’t know how to get them?


ARE you struggling to build your dream clientele?

Do you find yourself holding on to clients that drain you just so you can keep your books filled? 


Are you ready to increase your prices?

Tired of feeling underpaid and too scared to raise your rates on all your long time clients?


Do you feel like the world is changing faster than you can keep up with?

The world of digital is crazy and constantly changing, if you can’t keep up it’s easy to fall behind.



You need to step up your marketing game!  Don’t worry, we won’t let you do it alone.

Hello Beautiful,

I'm Alex and I am here to share what I learned in corporate building billion-dollar brands to working with small business beauty pros just like you.  I create easy to follow marketing resources to help take your business to the next level.