It can be hard to take good client photos, especially the ones who are a little camera shy.

As beauty industry pros, your clients are your portfolio.  Unlike other artists, who work on canvases or on their computer, your “canvas” is not always the easiest to capture.

Depending on the service you provide, capturing the perfect client photos can bring upon some unique challenges.

In working with hairstylists and other beauty pros, and feeling the struggle of needing some good photo content to market their business, I made it my point to try to find some tips I could give to my clients to help them capture those share worthy photos!

Do you want to know how to get great client photos of your clients to share on social media or your website?  We’ll your in luck!  I am going to give you my top 7 tips for getting the best client photos!



1. Find that perfect Background

Your photo background can make or break your photo.  The best photos usually aren’t in front of a white wall so, find a place in your studio that has some color or texture.   Depending on your aesthetic, adding some color to the background can be really appealing.
You’d be surprised what looks good, do you have a product rack that has some cute colorful labels?  What about a cute photo on the wall?
I have a client who takes photo in the back of their salon on a rustic slightly paint chipped wall and it looks amazing in photos!  Think outside of the box, it doesn’t have to be staged and perfect to look good on camera!

PRO TIP:  If you have something like a product wall that is colorful but you don’t necessarily love it as a background?  Use Facetune to blur it out – this give a pro DSLR look and adds some texture to your images.


2. Reduce their fears

No one wants a bad photo of themselves circulating the internet.  If your client is hesitant or is making comments about their appearance or how they don’t look their best today, let them know you can edit the photos!  It can be uncomfortable for people to take photos, especially knowing they aren’t prepared and that this photo will be posted on the internet for people to see.   Let them know that you can edit whatever they want out – they will look flawless!

If they are truly uncomfortable see if they would be willing to take an up-close or some other angle that doesn’t necessarily show their faces.  All your client photo’s don’t need to be the same, so take this opportunity to get some background images for your social quote posts or some filler content. 


3. Give direction!

The worst thing you to make a client feel uncomfortable is to shoot them with no direction.  They are not professional models and someone taking close up photos of you is just awkward!   Direct them on what to do with confidence so they feel secure.
If you already know what 2-3 angels you need to get, it’s going to go a lot more smoothly and your client is going to feel much more comfortable.

For hairstylist, it might be a front, side, and back shot.  For eyelash artist, it may be a lash artist point of view or zoomed in of the eye.  Whatever it is, make sure you have your go-to poses ready for your client so they’re not forced to work the runway like a top model while you struggle to find what shot you need.

PRO TIP:  The most flattering client photos are going to be at a slight angle, this slims people and just looks more professional than a straight on shot


4. Make them laugh

Ok, hear me out! Trust me, I am not a comedian either so the thought of this used to make me internally freak out.

Here are a few tips from the pro’s that I think are genius:

  • Say This – “Ok, that was good, but now pretend you like (insert service)”
    example: “Ok, that was good, but now pretend you like your hair” It’s funny and catches people off guard so naturally, they are going to giggle.
  • Compliment them (and yourself) – “wow you look amazing! I did a great job!”
  • If all else fails, hit them with the  “ok, cue the fake laugh… NOW!”


5. Make them feel comfortable

Talk to them! Give them feedback, standing and smiling like a statue can cause some fake smiles.  Make sure to talk to them, give them feedback, tell them what looks good, when they need to move, the more they feel like YOU are making them do this rather than working the camera like the next Zoolander – the more relaxed they will feel and the better your pictures will turn out!


6. Get a mirror case!

What is the first thing people do after they take a photo – “OK, now let me see how that turned out!” This is because we have no idea what the hell our face is doing sometimes!  Have you ever noticed, you always look great in the mirror but then you see a photo of yourself and think, WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! For some reason, we know our best angle and can easily execute that perfect tilt when we can see how it looks and, unless you are practicing this in the mirror constantly it’s not going to be that easy to do it without a reflection.  This is why the mirror case is such a genius idea!  If you are shooting from your phone, it allows people to stare into the camera while also making sure they look good, which will make them much more comfortable to pose!

Try this one it’s only $9 and fits all iPhone types!



Natural light is always going to be the best for photos.  This does not, however, mean directly under sunlight – that’s a big no-no.  If you are outside on a sunny day, opt for somewhere in the shade. If you are inside, go somewhere near a window and make sure the light is facing your client and it’s not behind them.  If your studio or salon does not have a good place for natural light, invest in some good lighting!

If you are taking up close photos: Use a rechargeable ring light clip – here’s one for $12 – this is great for those who are taking close up’s like brows or lashes- it doesn’t work that well for clients who are going to be further away.

If you are a hairstylist or are shooting a little further away: I would highly suggest investing in a full ring light (take a look at the photo reviews on this one) – they run at about $69-130 but this will seriously level up your photo game!

Overall natural (or faux natural) light is critical for great photos and to be able to edit them – if you have ever tried to edit a pixelated dark photo you can feel me on this.



The best client photos are ones where your client looks and feels natural, your background is on point, and you have great lighting!  If you have any other tips for getting great client photos you would like to share with other beauty pros comment on this post below!