As beauty industry professionals you are or will someday be a business owner.   

And, the nature of small business is wearing multiple hats.  This means you not only need to know how to provide your service with skill but you also need to understand accounting, operations, retail, sales, and marketing.

Of all the skills you need to know as a beauty industry pro, marketing is arguably the most important.

Most business owners get really wrapped up in their service and their ability to perform.

Everyone wants to be the best in their industry.  And everyone thinks “once I feel like a master in my skill is when I will be successful”

The truth is,  customers really don’t care if you are better than everyone else they care about who you are and how you make them feel (of course you have to know what you are doing and do it well).

And, the bigger truth is, you can have the best product in the world or have the best skills in your industry but, if you don’t know how to brand and promote yourself, no one will know or care.

Many hairstylists, estheticians and beauty industry pros think of marketing as posting a few images on social media and asking for reviews on Yelp.  In this day and age, that is not going to cut it.

Historically, beauty pros were able to survive on referrals and back in the day, that was about all there was so it made sense.

Think about it, 10 years ago, how did you find service industry providers, there was no internet, no online listings.  The way you found someone was by asking friends, checking the Yellow Pages, or driving down to the new salon you passed on your way home from work. Those were your only options.

Today, where do you go to find service pros…. Or anything really….THE INTERNET!

So, the truth is, if you are not where your customers are looking, you are not being found.

And, the longer you wait to jump on the internet train, the more customers you are losing to your competitors who are possibly less skilled than you BUT they are putting themselves out there and attracting their dream clients.

Marketing is the action of identifying and communicating to your dream client.

Marketing is telling the world you are here, you are in business, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Marketing is about bringing value to your clients beyond your product and service.

Marketing is about the connection between you and your dream clients!

You should never be ashamed or embarrassed to promote your services, you should be shouting this stuff from rooftops!

The truth is, when marketing is done right, your customers will truly thank you for it.

Your dream clients are out there right now, wishing they had someone like you in their life, are you just going to make them wait, or are you going to find them?!


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